Reinvesting resources

The reinvestment of the economic resources generated is a common practice of our Company, which has been continuously opening new production centres and expanding existing ones.

This allows us to be leaders and generate new jobs. Helping the development of our community and redistributing profits.

Two of our new energy efficiency improvement projects have received aid through the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), co-financed by the European Union through the ERDF Operational Programme. SEE PROJECTS

Concerned about sustainability, we are carrying out energy saving and efficiency projects such as the replacement of the sausage cage washing system, which has also been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), coordinated by IDAE and managed by the Generalitat de Catalunya. SEE MORE DETAILS

Two other projects have received aid from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and the Environment for their improvements in waste reduction and the expansion of facilities following production efficiency models. SEE PROJECTS

A technological innovation project in Les Planes and Serinyá has obtained aid from the FEADER funds (Generalitat, Spanish Government, European Union) for rural development in Catalonia. SEE PROJECTS

We have taken part in a new aid project for energy saving and efficiency in the industrial sector, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) for the replacement of the current slicing system with a new high-tech automatic equipment, which will provide us with a saving of 56.73 teps per year. SEE MORE DETAILS

At Embutidos Monter we have developed an energy saving and efficiency project consisting of automation for the closing and gluing of boxes that will allow us to eliminate the current bottleneck and obtain energy savings in the production plant. The collaboration of the best equipment manufacturers in the sector has been required, which will provide us with great energy and environmental savings in the process. Thanks to the project, 7.56 teps are saved per year. SEE MORE DETAILS

We are working on a new energy saving and efficiency project consisting of the compressed air central replacement with greater capacity that has the maximum performance in terms of production and energy. SEE MORE DETAILS

At the same time, we continue with an energy saving and efficiency project consisting of replacing a pork or chicken stick stuffer with a new stuffer with greater capacity and excellent energy efficiency. Thanks to the project, 12.11 teps are saved per year. SEE MORE DETAILS

We replaced the cage and box washing system with a new high-efficiency system, which allows us to achieve a quality wash by reducing hot water consumption, which significantly reduces the energy consumption derived from the cleaning process. Thanks to the project, 24.84 toe per year are saved. SEE MORE DETAILS

We contribute to the development of our society through responsible shared growth

Responsible growth

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