Constant progress

We progress every day. Our range of products features varied flavours and nutritional properties to provide solutions for your food requirements.

Therefore, in 2002 we were pioneers in launching our turkey products. With the charcuterie in a typical sandwich (about 30 grams), a person consumes just 6% of their daily allowance of fat, approximately half of what is in a traditional ham sandwich. But in either case, as you can see, there is a broad margin for eating other foods. Pork or turkey charcuterie? A question of taste.

The flavour is similar as they are cured and spiced using a similar process. However, they differ in other characteristics: chewability, the sweeter taste of turkey and the different texture. The traditional flavour or an innovative touch?

At Embutidos Monter we have also reformulated our food products to keep the traditional flavour of the finest pork charcuterie with very low-fat percentages, from 25 to 29% in the case of chorizos and salchichones for example.

To help you decide, remember that the key thing is the portions: always follow a balanced diet.

We have formulated our food products to maintain the traditional taste of the finest pork charcuterie with very low fat percentages

Enjoy eating

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