Cañigueral Group in M.A.D.E. Paris promoting Health


Cañigueral Group and Costa Brava Foods closed this first quarter with one last fair: M.A.D.E. 2018, in Paris; this year the exhibition focuses on health, taste and sustainability. 

Products for all channels, adapted to the needs of the client. Our eleven production plants of fresh and frozen meat, marinated and enhanced meat, dried sausages and processed products; provides the flexibility to readjust and customize the raw material, packaging, slice size, etc.

This edition we present, among others, our marinated products, hamburgers and ready to bake products which are made with the guarantee of our integrated control of the livestock farming and product preparation processes.

Giving response to the new patterns of consumption, from March 20 to 21 in Versailles (Paris), we wait for you at the stand K20-L21. Providing value, as always since 1969, to be a benchmark of products tailored to each client.

Do you want to see our wide range? Next you have a gallery of images, including our products in the innovation area.