Half a century caught by the hand


We live our work with passion, like you, with a commitment to doing things well each and every day. 

We are a family group in the meat-product field with 50 years of history, and we uphold the values we have inherited. We were born in a region with farming roots, with a deep knowledge of the countryside and raising animals, and this is where we developed. Experts in meat, the group is organised around specialist companies for each type of product: Costa Brava Foods, Embutidos Monter, Frescos Delisano, Coopecarn and Far Jamones y Embutidos.

Our mission is to offer you the practical and healthy solutions needed today, with the taste and reliability of traditional products, all made with passion. We call this INNO-TRADITION and it is the basis of our leadership.

For us, leadership means guaranteeing food safety and quality for you, as well as offering you our experience of the Spanish market and over 50 other countries.

Leadership means developing R&D in our pilot plant and research centres. Advancing meat technology and designing new food solutions for you.