Sant Jaume de Llierca

Les Planes d'Hostoles


Our production centers

Each centre specialises in different product ranges, enabling us to apply our R&D efficiently and automate processes.

At the SANT JAUME DE LLIERCA centre we produce cured charcuterie made from the finest selected pork from Grup Cañigueral’s abattoir, Costa Brava Foods. We slice the produce in a white room, a facility with advanced hygiene and technological solutions to guarantee the highest quality and optimal conditions throughout the process. This enables us to preserve the product’s best organoleptic properties, its flavour and its texture.

At our LES PLANES D’HOSTOLES and VIC centres we mainly prepare pieces of high quality products such as loin or blade, and the SERINYÀ centre prepares small snack items from pork, turkey or chicken that are available self-service in shops. 

Our production centres have an area of over 43,000 square metres.